In today's unpredictable and ever changing climate you can never be certain of the conditions you are likely to encounter, That's why Zuflah has developed the latest range of high performance garments.

Jacket Fleece Small
   Size in Inches Chest 40 Waist 37 Slee..
Jacket Fleece Medium
 Size in Inches Chest 42 Waist 39 Sleeves 26..
Jacket Fleece Medium without Arms
 Size in Inches Chest 44 Waist 42 Shoulders18.5 ..
Jacket Fleece Large
 Size in Inches Chest 44 Waist 41 Sleeves 26..
Jacket Fleece Large without Arms
 Size in Inches Chest 47 Waist 41 Shoulders ..
Jacket Fleece X-Large
 Size in Inches Chest 46 Waist 42 Sleeves 27..
Jacket Fleece X-Large without Arms
 Size in Inches Chest 50 Waist 38 Shoulders20.5 ..
Jacket Fleece XX-Large
 Size in Inches Chest 56 Waist 54 Sleeves 31..
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